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SHOOCLEE protects
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SHOOCLEE.fix protects your sneakers and washing machine.
SHOOCLEE.shape protects the shape of the sneakers.
Use together with SHOOCLEE.gel for antibacterical and antifungal effect.
We have patented our technology and looking for your support!
How SHOOCLEE works
Put the SHOOCLEE.gel into sneakers
SHOOCLEE.gel is especially developed for washing textile shoes and sneakers in washing machine. It protects the materials of the shoes including glue stuff and has antibacterical and antifungal effect.
Put SHOOCLEE.shape into sneakers
SHOOCLEE.shape preserves the shape of your sneakers and protects it from deformation. The size of the back part can be fit to your shoes size, thus all sneakers models are protected.
Fix your sneakers with SHOOCLEE.fix
SHOOCLEE.fix takes care of your sneakers, fixing them carefully bevor putting in the washing machine. It fits for all adult sizes and for most sole forms. SHOOCLEE.fix is developed on such a way, that it can became up to 2 times bigger when unclenching with shoes.
Plug & wash
Plug the SHOOCLEE.fix with your shoes into washing machine and unclench it carefully. Check if the sneakers are really fixed and start a washing program. Please note, that your sneakers can be washed only in cold water. SHOOCLEE allows to spin up to 1200 rpm and deliver the best posible shoes spin ever.
SHOOCLEE gallery
New product design and new design of our product.
SHOOCLEE features
The best sneaker washing experience
Protects sneakers
Mechanical and chemical damage protection
Protects washing machine
No vibration due to even weight distrubution
Best spin
Maximal rpm lead to faste shoes drying after washing
Easy to use
Plug & wash approach
Antibacterical & antifungal
We protect your feets as well
Special tube form
Best reach for gel
Built-in brushes
For better preprocessing bevore washing
Saves time and money
Extends the lifespan of sneakers and washing machine
Our Contacts
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