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Why does SHOOCLEE protect your money and the environment?
Washing sneakers with SHOOCLEE prolongs their lifetime by 10-20% comparing to washing without and reduces damage of your washing machine.
SHOOCLEE.shape preserves the shape of the sneakers and SHOOCLEE.fix fixes them into washing machine drum, this protects the sneakers and washing machine as well.
SHOOCLEE allows to wash up to three pairs simultaneously and reduce the water consumption. Thus SHOOCLEE makes the machine washing of sneakers more effective.
Machine washing of even one pair using SHOOLCEE saves you $12-$24 and reduces the corresponding climate impact. Washing two pairs with SHOOCLEE saves you $24-$48!
How it works
Protects sneakers
Mechanical and chemical damage protection
Protects washing machine

No vibration due to even weight distrubution

Best spin

Maximal rpm lead to fastest shoes drying after washing
Easy to use
Plug & wash approach
Saves time and money
Extends the lifespan of sneakers and washing machine
Prolongs lifetime of sneakers and the washing machine and reduces the environmental impact

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